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Monday - Thursday - 11am - 9pm

Friday & Saturday - 11am - 10pm

Sunday  Brunch - 9am - 3pm

               Dinner - 4pm - 9pm

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Monday - Thursday - 11am - 11pm

Friday & Saturday - 11am - 1am

Sunday - 9am - 11pm



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ABOUT Niman Ranch

Our cattle are only fed a 100% vegetarian diet without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Strict standards dictate the humane handling of our cattle during transport, providing a low-stress environment throughout their lives. We begin with the highest quality breeds – all of our cattle are genetically Angus. This is noteworthy because other so-called Angus programs are not as strict as ours, allowing the cattle to qualify as Angus solely because of their hide or color. Additionally, our beef is graded USDA Choice or Prime – the highest rankings for tenderness, juiciness and flavor.


Snake River Farms traditional thick cut bacon is lightly cured and smoked over real hard wood. We start with the highest quality 100% Kurobuta (Berkshire) pork belly for flavorful and succulent bacon that will make friends and influence people. This flavorful bacon embodies the perfect combination of marbling and meat that captures a slightly sweet flavor with a mild essence of smoke.

Our mission at The Mill is simple: to provide scratch-made dishes derived from the freshest locally sourced ingredients possible. We source only the best local proteins and produce offering our customers not only a healthier option, but a much better tasting food experience that you only get from fresh, not frozen, food made in-house from scratch!  The Mill of Milton is proud to support Northwest Businesses and acquires as many fresh and locally sourced ingredients as possible. We are constantly forming new alliances with local providers and promise to always bring the customer the best dining experience we can.   

Our path toward greater sustainability started as a quest for flavor. When you cook everything from scratch, you want the freshest ingredients.  Working directly with local farmers and ranchers has opened our eyes to the many problems of our modern food supply: while it is abundant and cheap, it has many hidden costs.  We believe we can deliver fantastic food and wonderful service while also helping make our food system a little better.  It’s a tall order but we're up to the challenge!


The Mill of Milton

ABOUT anderson ranches

Our sheep graze on the free range pastures and rolling foothills of the Willamette Valley, where high precipitation guarantees lush green Oregon grasses. Our grass fed lambs thrive in these open fields with fresh air and lots of room. They are left free to roam, eat when they like, and grow at their own natural rhythm.


We here is the Northwest take Tillamook for granted, but this NW flavorite (see what se did there?) is one of the best in the country! They are independent farmer-owners, and they’ve been guided by good honest values since 1909. They believe in putting quality over profit. Natural over artificial. And that hard work can never be outsmarted. That’s dairy done right. They’re taking a stand for real food, because everyone deserves better.

ABOUT Niman ranch

In order to consistently provide you with delicious, award-winning pork, we take meticulous care in raising our hogs. We select hogs from a cross of heritage breeds including Duroc, Chester White and Berkshire. We also believe the environment in which our hogs are raised is incredibly important. Our animals are raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens where they are able to express their natural instinctive behaviors, like rooting and roaming. We NEVER use gestation crates or farrowing crates – EVER. We also never give them hormones or antibiotics – EVER, keeping both our hogs and your family happy!

ABOUT mad hatcher Chicken

Mad Hatcher Poultry provides customers with various kinds of poultry: poussin, squab, cornish, and turkey. It is the intent of the company to purchase a breading flock and genetics to the rare and famous blue footed chicken. In France, known as Poulet de Bresse. This purchase will become the primary focus off the company. This unique and rare bird is the Rolls Royce of chicken and is paid for as such by its customers.

ABOUT Anson Mills

Anson Mill chooses to extend the promise of pleasure—pleasure in the fine flavors of grains and vegetables produced with an eye to the integrity of cuisine and the integral character of farming.

Check here periodically as we'll update with new partners and alliances!